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Small common knowledge of plate radiator

Date: 2019-3-27 17:26:36 Popularity: 0

A plate radiator is a type of radiator, which is composed of a plurality of rectangular thin metal heat transfer plates stacked one layer at a time, and the periphery is pressed by a frame to fix these plates on a bracket. There are gaskets on the edges of the two adjacent plates (the gasket material is rubber or compressed asbestos). The four corners of these halves have round holes. These round holes cooperate with the grooves on the plates to form cold fluid. And hot fluid fluid channels.


In a plate radiator, the two fluids, cold and hot, enter the heat exchanger through the upper and lower holes of the plate, and flow through the base and even channels (such as hot fluid flowing through the channels of plate 1 to plate 3). Flow channel, and the cold fluid will flow through the flow channel of the plate 2 to the flow channel of the plate 4.) The two media flow through a plate to achieve the heat exchange effect, and then flow out through the holes in the lower and upper corners.