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The importance of cleaning the dirt on the heat exchanger surface! !!

Date: 2019-3-27 17:25:51 Popularity: 0

Today, heat exchangers have very important uses in our daily life and in industrial consumption. Among them, the heat exchanger is also one of the most commonly used machinery and equipment in the petroleum processing industry. However, it often shows dirt in the process of our use, especially in the petroleum processing industry, it is more common for dirt to be on the surface.

Nowadays, the consumption of heat exchangers is gradually increasing. The total investment basically accounts for more than 70% of the total investment in the chemical industry and 30% to 40% of the total investment in the refining industry. It fully shows that its demand is gradually increasing. Weigh the operation of a heat exchanger. In addition to some fixed equipment characteristics and its consumer technology, how to ensure the cleanliness of its heat exchange surface, ensure that it has a good conduction space, and an important factor for overall heat transfer efficiency.