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Oil-water cooler suitable for cooling of low viscosity and cleaner oil

Date: 2019-3-27 17:25:11 Popularity: 0

Oil-water cooler is suitable for the cooling of low-viscosity and clean oil; oil cooler can be used in industries such as plastic machinery, hydraulic equipment, air compressors, thin oil and oil-slick systems, hydraulic couplings, and power devices. This series of oil cooler products can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements from small to medium and large, with a wide coverage.

Oil and water coolers wear new pipes and bulges: After the tube sheets and stainless steel pipes are ready, you can wear new stainless steel pipes. Pay attention not to apply too much force and force. Align them with their holes. The exposed parts of the two ends of the new pipe Should be equal, the diameter of the tube sheet hole is slightly larger than the tube diameter, about 0.5 mm, should not be too large or too small. After the stainless steel tube is put on, it can be expanded with a tube expander. When expanding the tube, the speed of the force should not be too large or too small. The length of the tube should be 2/3 of the thickness of the tube sheet and not greater than the thickness of the tube sheet. The punch flanges.

Preparation of new stainless steel pipe for oil-water cooler: The stainless steel pipe that has passed the inspection will be cut according to the size of the oil cooler. The stainless steel pipe will be 4 to 5 mm longer than the tube sheet. Remove the burr at both ends of the stainless steel pipe and expand the pipe. Polished smoothly, tempered at about 50 mm at both ends. Removal of old stainless steel tubes: Use special semi-circular triangular rafters to remove them. Be careful not to damage the tube sheet when picking. Strip the stainless steel tubes. After pulling out the old stainless steel tubes, clean the tube sheet tube holes, polish them with a fine emery cloth, and wipe them with a cloth. Dust off.