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What are the technical requirements for the installation of heat exchange units?

Date: 2019-3-27 17:09:26 Popularity: 0

1. Hoisting technical requirements. The hoisting department should prepare all the rigging and carefully do the introspection tasks in accordance with the safety rules. For large heat exchange units, due to the large diameter and the large number of heat exchange tubes, the lifting quality is very large. Therefore, the lifting bundle should be selected at the shell support with reinforced pads, and wood blocks should be provided on both sides of the shell to maintain the shell In order to prevent the shell from being plastically deformed when pressed by the steel wire rope during lifting.

2. The device size is biased. It should be considered whether the partial size of the heat exchanger unit can meet the requirements of the specification.

3. Support device requirements. One side of the movable support on the root bed should be embedded with a slide, and both sides of the anchor bolt should be provided with iron. At the time of equipment leveling, the inclined horn can be welded firmly to the base plate of the heat exchange unit, but it must not be welded to the flat horn or the slide plate above, and the horn must be lubricated and leveled to ensure the free extension of the movable support.

4. Tightening of bolts. The fastening of the bolts of the heat exchange unit should be stopped at most three times, and the end points of each drive should be staggered 120 ° from each other. The tightening sequence is shown in the cycle diagram.

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