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Heat exchange effect of heat exchanger

Date: 2019-3-27 17:07:06 Popularity: 0

The problem of heat exchange by heat exchangers is relatively rare. The main reason is that the heat exchange unit of the heat exchanger was selected incorrectly during the selection. For example, through accurate calculations, the heat exchange area may require 11.7 square meters, which can be calculated as 8 square meters. As a result, the heat exchange capacity of the heat exchanger did not reach the expected level, so the water production temperature did not reach the expected 55 degrees Celsius or 60 degrees Celsius.

In the face of this problem, it is mainly to achieve accurate heat exchanger design data, and both the design unit and the user of the party need to be responsible. Otherwise, problems will occur after the heat exchanger manufacturer has customized the equipment to your requirements. This is the responsibility of the design unit, and the responsibility of the heat exchanger manufacturer is not great.