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Compact structure, small footprint, is the best choice for small space places; high degree of intelligence, low temperature and pressure fluctuations during operation, modular unit, saving time and labor in installation; personalized design, design according to actual working conditions Tailor-made; easy to operate and convenient to manage; automatic control, saving energy; intelligent operation, low failure rate, and low maintenance;

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Product Details

Features of heat exchange unit

★ Compact structure and small footprint make it the best choice for small spaces.

★ High degree of intelligence, low temperature and pressure fluctuations during operation, modular units, saving time and labor in installation;

★ Personalized design, tailor-made according to actual working conditions;

★ Easy to operate and manage;

★ Control automation and save energy;

★ Intelligent operation, low failure rate and less maintenance;

★ Remote and diversified, you can freely choose wired and wireless remote control and adjustment, saving manpower and material resources.

Advantages of the crew

Power saving: According to the set temperature, the water pumps and valves are fully automatically adjusted by frequency conversion, which avoids the pressure adjustment error of traditional heat units, reduces the motor pulse, and achieves the maximum rational use of electrical energy.

Thermal energy saving: The patented unit technology provided by Liqiang Heat Exchanger changes the control method of the traditional circulating water pump to change the pressure difference by changing the temperature. Instead, it directly detects the system temperature change and controls it through proprietary technology, which greatly saves heat source intake. waste.

Water saving: Adopt condensate water recovery device, no external water supply is needed in the steam-water heat exchange unit, and it also reflects the maximum utilization of heat energy.

Unit adjustment method

Liqiang unit can complete variable adjustment under a variety of complex working conditions.

Quality adjustment: By adjusting the flow of the primary heat source to change the supply temperature of the secondary inverted circulating water, controlling the degree of the secondary water supply temperature and the signal of the outdoor temperature sensor, adjusting the opening of the primary-side electric control valve, and changing the flow of the heat source, The purpose is to adjust the heat load of the heating system and save the heat energy.

Volume adjustment: The flow of the secondary-side circulating water pump is adjusted by a frequency converter to achieve the purpose of adjusting the heat load.

Quality adjustment: The flow rate of the heat source is adjusted by an electric valve, and the secondary side flow rate of the circulating water pump is adjusted by an inverter, so that the temperature and flow rate of the secondary side circulating water can be adjusted at the same time. This method can not only save heat and power, but also facilitate management.

Replenishment method:

Constant pressure replenishment: The constant pressure tank is used for system water replenishment and constant pressure. When the system water pressure reaches the upper or lower limit, the start and stop of the replenishment pump can be controlled by the air pressure tank, so that the system pressure and temperature fluctuations are small.

Frequency variable water supply: The pressure sensor on the secondary side return pipe senses the pressure signal, and the controller controls the speed of the water pump through the frequency converter according to the signal to achieve the purpose of changing the flow.

control method:

The controller of Liqiang Intelligent Heat Exchanger Unit monitors the outdoor temperature, the pressure, temperature, flow rate, current, voltage, power and other parameters of the primary and secondary pipe network, and controls the opening of the primary-side regulating valve and the secondary-side circulation pump. Make-up pump speed and number of running pumps. Achieve the social effect of good quality of central heating and the purpose of low-cost and economic operation of heating stations.

According to the needs of users, we can provide the following three different control methods:

1. manual control 2. automatic control 3. remote control

Parameters of high-efficiency intelligent plate steam-water heating and heat exchange unit



Heat exchange unit site


Heat exchange unit site


Heat exchange unit site

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